The Airport & Traveling by Plane

Learn some vocabulary about the airport, flying, and all the steps in between! The words in the list below are often heard during boarding announcements at the airport, onboard the plane, and can be seen on airline websites. If you 

공항 airport
비행기/항공기 airplane
항공사 airline
출발 departure
도착 arrival
연기되다 to be delayed
KE101편 Korean Air Flight 101
세관 customs
작성하다 fill in[out] (questionnaire)
출국심사 departure (passport) check
짐, 수하물 baggage
이륙 takeoff
착륙 [창뉵] landing
활주로 runway
탑승권 [탑씅꿘] boarding pass
탑승구 [탑씅구] boarding gate
환승 transit
야간 비행 an overnight flight
직항 항공편 [지캉] direct flight
국내 [궁내] domestic, interior
국내 비행 서비스 domestic flight service
국제 [국쩨] international
국제선 international lines
해외로 여행하다 travel abroad
비행기표 plane ticket
예매 advance purchase
대한항공 Korean Air
승객 passenger
승무원 flight attendant
마일리지 적립 [정닙] mileage accumulation
사전 좌석 배정 advance seat assignment
기내에서 on the plane/during flight
기내 오락 in-flight entertainment
기내식 in-flight meal
일등석 [일뜽] first class
일반석 economy class


비행이 45분 정도 연기되었습니다. The flight was delayed 45 minutes.
착륙 후에 출국심사를 무사히 통과했어요. After landing I went through Passport Control without incident.
OZ 200편 항공기가 현재 8번 게이트에서 탑승을 실시하고 있습니다. Flight OZ 200 is now boarding at Gate 8.

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