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Book Review - Korean: A Comprehensive Grammar

Korean: A Comprehensive Grammar by Jaehoon Yeon and Lucien Brown is one of the most useful, if not the only, comprehensive Korean grammar books available in English. The book starts with a very complete refresher on honorifics and the complex pronunciation rules of the Korean language. The rest of the book has one chapter per class of words in the Korean language. The structure of the book goes as follow:

Particle: Usage of –에

Learn some of the common uses of the particle –에, as well as frequent patterns with companion verbs such as 대해(서) (about), 의해(서) (due to).

Some examples:

핸드폰 이메일을 저장했어요. I saved the email on my phone.
그 일 관해서는 아무 것도 몰라요. I know nothing about the matter.
–에 관해(서) (보기: 할인에 관해) Regarding (e.g., regarding the discount)

Using the Internet in Korean

Always wondered how to use Korean websites? While some technology-related words are borrowed from English, a lot of words are proper to Korean, and are sometimes hard to find in dictionary. This lesson includes common Internet nouns and verbs to help you use the Internet.

Some words in this lesson:

확인(하다) (to) confirm
신용카드 credit card
배송 delivery
저장하다 to save (computer)
이용하다 to use
이 노래 대해서 검색하고 있어요. I’m doing a search about this song.

Consult the full lesson, or download a PDF to print or take with you. Also, you can quickly learn the vocabulary using the provided flashcards!

장어 - Eel

Eel is a popular fish in East Asian countries. Korea has a lot of dishes featuring eel, some of the most popular being 장어구이, or grilled eel; 장어강정, or eel with a sweet soy sauce glaze, and 장어덮밥, or eel over rice.

Grilled eel on a barbecue grill

장어구이, or grilled eel.

The popular saying in Korea is that men should eat eel to improve their performance behind closed doors...

Check out some food survival vocabulary and how to use this word in context.

Hanging Out with Friends

If you have Korean friends, or want to make some, use this vocabulary to get together, eat out, and plan activities! Download this vocabulary and take it to go!

Some words in this lesson:

바쁘다 to be busy
심심하다 to be bored
냉커피 ice coffee
빙수 shaved ice with syrup
취미 hobby, interest
점심 먹으러 우리 집에 가자! Let’s go to my house to eat lunch!
나가서 먹을래 아니면 배달 시킬까? Do you want to eat out or order in?
몇 시에 어디서 만날까? What time and where should we meet?

Food Survival

Learn some essential food vocabulary to eat out with friends! Learn new adjectives, the name of famous drinks, some food words, and several sentences to order food and show appreciation. Download the study sheet and take it to go!

Some words in this lesson:

맛있다 [마싣따] delicious
고소하다 flavorsome
연어 salmon
무료 free of charge
맛집 delicious restaurant

And some sentences:

무한 리필 뷔페예요? Is this an all you can eat buffet?
장어구이 세 마리 주세요! Please give me three grilled eels!
맵지 않게 해주세요. Please make it not spicy.