Pattern sb께 N을/를 드리다; sb께 V어/아 드리다: Doing a Favor

The honorific 드리다 replaces 주다 when the recipient is an esteemed person. Use this whenever you are doing a favor to somebody older than you to whom you talk respectfully, such as your grandparents, your professor, your boss, etc.

저는 부모님께 선물을 드렸어요. I gave a gift to my parents.
창문을 열어드릴까요? (As a favor to an esteemed person) Should I open the window?
제가 싸게 해 드릴게요! I will make it cheap!

You can hear this a lot in restaurants and stores when waiters/store employees ask customers what they want or if they need additional service.

For more formal Korean, check out this dialogue at a Korean restaurant, and the pattern –기 바라다, also very frequently used by the service industry in Korea.