At the Korean BBQ Restaurant

Learn some vocabulary about Korean BBQ, the name of some Korean BBQ dishes, as well as how to order and pay your bill! Also included are some example sentences that you can use at the Korean restaurant. For more practice, check out this dialogue between two friends and the waiter of a restaurant!

예약 reservation
음료 [음뇨] beverage, drinks
소맥 (소주+맥주) soju and beer cocktail
밥 한/두 공기 one/two bowl(s) of rice
삼겹살 pork belly
차돌박이 beef brisket
소갈비 beef ribs
돼지갈비 pork ribs
닭구이 grilled chicken
제육볶음 sauteed marinated pork
소불고기 beef bulgogi
곱창구이 grilled tripe
생선구이 grilled fish
계산 the bill
신용카드 credit card
선불 payment in advance
일/이 인분 (人分) one/two portion(s)
반씩 half and half
따로따로 separately
드시다 to eat (honorifics)
드리다 to give (to esteemed person)
내다 to pay
따라오다 to follow (from behind)
추가하다 to add
N을/를 주문하다 to order N
N을/를 추천하다 to recommend N

Example Sentences

굴 먹으러 갈까요? Do you want to go for oysters?
네 명이 앉을 자리가 있나요? Do you have room for four people?
삼겹살 삼인분에 이만사천원입니다. Three portions of pork belly cost 24,000 won.
차돌박이 2[이]인분 추가해 주세요. Please add two portions of beef brisket.
선불입니다. You have to pay in advance.

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