Washer & Dryer

Doing the laundry in Korea can be a daunting task, especially if not too familiar with its related words (drying, pre-wash, etc.) Similar to the 노래방 remote post, here is a breakdown of the common words written on washers and dryers (usually the same unit in Korea), and a photo example of how it looks like on a commercial machine.

Washer Control Panel

Zone A: Display

예비 pre-wash
세탁 main wash
헹굼 rinse
탈수 spin-dry
건조 dryer
예약 reserve
남은시간 time left

Zone B & C: Functions

어린이보호 child lock
문잠김 door lock
에어워시 air wash
진드기제거 mite removal
침구류 linen
외투 coats
니트 knitwear
세탁 wash
스팀세탁 steam wash
불림 soak
예비세탁 pre-wash
본세탁 main wash
온도 temperature
XX도 XX degrees (Celcius)
헹금 rinse
X회 X times
강력 strong
탈수 spin-dry
최강 strongest
탈수안함 no spin-drying
건조 dryer
시간설정 time-dry
저온 low temperature
다림질 ironing
강력 strong
표준 average

Zone D: Other Controls

예약 reservation
세탁물 추가 laundry addition

Washer Knob

Control Knob (Clockwise)

통세척 washer cleaning
란제리 lingerie
금속 quick wash
표준 regular wash
찌든때 dirty clothes
삶음 sanitizing wash
절약삶음 economy sanitizing wash
이불 bedding
타월 towels
전원 power