Coronavirus Korean Vocabulary and Resources

As the Coronavirus progresses in South Korea, this article lists vocabulary and resources in English and Korean to stay on top of the infection if you are currently in South Korea. This page will get updated as more information is available.

What To Do

According to the CDC of Korea, for the general population (translated by KoniKorean):

  1. Wash your hands meticulously with soap under running water.
  2. When coughing or sneezing, cover your mouth and nose with your sleeve.
  3. Do not touch your eyes, mouth, and nose with unwashed hands.
  4. Wear a mask when visiting a medical institution
  5. Refrain from visiting places with many people

More instructions forthcoming.

The call center number is 1339 if you have any fever or respiratory symptoms such as cough or sore throat and after staying in self-quarantine at home for 3 to 4 days or if symptoms are severe (such as temperature above 38 degrees).

Coronavirus-related Korean Vocabulary

코로나바이러스 ko-ro-na-ba-i-reo-seu Corona virus
감염 gam-yeom infection
감염증 gam-yeom-jeung infectious disease
감염경로 gam-yeom-gyeong-ro infection route (channel)
입원 ib-weon hospitalization
확산 hwak-san spread, transmission (of virus)
방지 bang-ji prevention
고위험군 go-wi-heom-gun high risk group
확진환자 hwak-jin-hwan-ja confirmed case (patient)
접촉 jeop-chok contact (e.g., transmission by contact)
호흡기 ho-heup-gi respiratory
증상 jeung-sang symptom
유증상자 yu-jeung-sang-ja person with symptoms
호흡기 증상 ho-heup-gi jeung-sang respiratory symptom
호흡 곤란 ho-heup gon-ran respiratory difficulty
사망 sa-mang death
사망자 sa-mang-ja deceased person
숨지다/죽다 sum-ji-da/juk-da to die
긴급/응급 gin-geup/eung-geup emergency
환자를 이송하다 hwan-ja-reul i-song-ha-da to transfer a patient
신천지예수교회 sin-cheon-ji-ye-su-gyo-hoe Shincheonji Church
신천지 교인 sin-cheon-ji gyo-in Shincheonji believer
대상자 dae-sang-ja candidate
검진/검사 geom-jin/geom-sa examination, checkup
치료/의료 chi-ryo/eui-ryo treatment, medical treatment
자가격리 ja-ga-gyeok-ri[ni] self-isolation, self-quarantine
자제하다 ja-je-ha-da to refrain from (doing something)
보건당국 bo-geon-dang-guk public health authorities
질병관리본부 jil-byeong-gwan-ri-bon-bu Korean Center for Disease Control and Prevention (KCDC or CDCK)
증가 jeung-ga increase
감소 gam-so decrease
추세 chu-se trend
급증 geup-jeung sudden increase
넘어서다 neom-eo-seo-da to exceed
누적 확진자 수 nu-jeok hwak-jin-ja su number of accumulated confirmed cases
폐쇄 pye-swae closure (of a facility)
조치 jo-chi measure (as action to solve a problem)

Other Resources

Corona Map Live (KR): a map of the current coronavirus infections in South Korea, updated regularly.

WHO - Coronavirus information (EN): information about the coronavirus from the World Health Organization.